Such a busy month

Matt Eich was among photographers chosen for PDN's juried Curator selections. Matt projects is about Baptist Town, a neighborhood in Mississippi.What a busy month. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 30 days since I last wrote here.

In that time, I’ve helped several photographers prepare entries for a variety of juried competitions and workshops, including Communication Arts, PDN Photo Annual and PDN’s The Curator selections.

Several people succeeded in making it to through the selection process. Toni Greaves and Matt Eich were most successful, in making the cut for Communication Arts and PDN. So did Lisa Wiltse, Andrew Spear and Bryan Thomas with whom I worked during the last few months.

Also congratulations to Benjamin Rusnak for being among the 10 finalists for Burn’s emerging photographer award. Ben and I worked together on a submission and on a book of his work 23 degrees north of the equator.

The list continues with the work of Naples, Florida based photographer Greg Kahn, which was a Pulitzer finalist this year. We worked together more than once last year to edit his body of work about foreclosures in Florida. We're now working on his current project.

I’ve also worked with a range of photographers on developing portfolios and projects. Among them is Minneapolis based photographer Cori Chandler Pepelnjak. We edited a broad range of Cori’s work into cohesive presentations for her site and a print portfolio. She’s extremely talented so it was a real treat to work with her. The edits aren't live yet but stay tuned.

Tuscon based photographer Chris Hinkle contacted me to help put together a new portfolio for him. That too was a treat. Chris presents a combination of portraiture, photography about the cycling world and personal projects that is compelling.

And Moscow based photographer Diana Markosian now has an up to date portfolio representing her work in Russia. Diana has a fresh eye that sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. She connects with her subjects as if they were lifelong friends. It helps that she speaks Russian.

Roanoke, Virginia based photographer Jared Soares is headed to Review Santa Fe so I helped him put together a tight selection of images from his project about hip hop in Roanoke, Virginia.

... just to name a few of the things I’ve been up to. More news soon.

Moving to Syracuse in the Fall

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