Creating images that last beyond the day has been Mike’s mission in settings as diverse as National Geographic Magazine and The Albuquerque Tribune, The White House and

His work and the work of those he has edited has received the highest of accolades again and again, beginning at The Albuquerque Tribune more than 20 years ago.

Mike was twice named Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year. He has been a picture editor for 11 books and co-director of photography for The Blue Planet Run book. The National Press Photographers Association honored Mike with The Sprague Award, its highest honor, in 2001. He was most recently a picture editor at The Oregonian and Director of Photography for MIX magazine.

Mike was the picture editor for 15 stories while at National Geographic Magazine.

He has edited the work of Magazine Photographers of the Year twice, Newspaper Photographers of the Year three times; all three times he edited the work of both the first and second place winners. His staffs have won Picture Editor of the Year and Regional Photographer of the Year multiple times.

Mike has judged POYi three different years for a total of five weeks. He has judged many other international, national and regional photographic competitions and juried grants including the W. Eugene Smith Grant, The RFK Memorial Fellowship, the Walkley Awards in Australia and The NPPA/Nikon Sabbatical. He has taught at several workshops in the U.S., New Zealand and Latin America and lectured at a wide range of universities and photographic conferences.

Mike earned a masters degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a thesis that created a viable magazine, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with double majors in journalism and Spanish.

He has the good fortune of being married to Deborah Pang Davis, a talented web designer, print designer and soon-to-be-published author.