Fly, drive, walk, bike, take a bus or a train but by all means, get to Look3

Virginia Quarterly Review used most of its spring issue to show the work of photographers that Look Between gathered together last summer. Next month's gathering returns to the giant roster of photographers for Look3.There are many reasons to go to Look3 June 9-11 in Charlottesville, Virginia. It's the preeminent gathering in the U.S. for photographers who make pictures that tell stories and whose images are equally at home on gallery walls as they are on the pages of the world's best publications.

The reason to go is similar to why a bee visits a field of flowers. A lot of bees come to check out the flowers, which creates a big buzz and in turn spreads the buzz far afield long after leaving said field. Huh?

In other words, there are few other settings that present the opportunity to see so much good work and see and hear and meet so many photographers, editors, publishers, gallery owners, curators ... much of the gamut of the photography world.

And its kind of nice to see what those folks look like, in person.

Other reasons it worth going to Look3? Do you need others?

Such a busy month

I love photographers