Moving to Syracuse in the Fall

My wife, Deborah Pang Davis, has accepted a tenure-track faculty position with Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications, teaching a range of design classes beginning in January.

So we'll be moving east in the fall, sadly leaving Portland but excitedly greeting life in Syracuse.

Deb is going to be a great teacher and Syracuse is without question one of the top schools in the country, especially when it comes to breaking new media ground.

I'll continue to work with photographers as I have been, not skipping a beat. And with any luck I'll get involved in some things at the school. Being close to New York, the city, and D.C. will be nice, too.

I'm eager to reconnect with long time friends Bruce Strong, Tom Kennedy and Ken Harper and to get to know the rest of the faculty and other aspects of life in Syracuse.

Another new adventure.

And we won't be giving up on Portland, our favorite city in America. We're definitely coming back for visits. 

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