I love photographers

Today was exceptional.

Thank you, today.


I talked to an amazing range of people who are photographers. One is just a few years out of school and is learning the ropes. Another just took a buyout from a lengthy newspaper career and moved to Portland for the lifestyle and is ramping up a freelance business.

And then I went to spend a grueling hour on a stationery bike at one of Portland’s most notable cycling venues - Upper Echelon Fitness - and Daniel Sharp was there making pictures. He’s a talented photographer who makes enigmatic pictures of cycling and clothing and all manner of subjects. What stays the same is his seeing.

Then were several emails and other contacts with photographers.

Each of these people is dramatically different one to the next and each makes pictures as they do. And that is the spleandor.

Fly, drive, walk, bike, take a bus or a train but by all means, get to Look3

When does a photograph become dishonest?