Working with photographers: Bear Guerra

© Bear Guerra

One of the best things about what I do is that I get to meet and work every week with photographers who are new to me. Of the 90 or so photographers I’ve worked with so far this year, more than half are people I did not know until they contacted me through this site or by referral.

This past week I got to meet and work with San Diego based photographer Roberto “Bear” Guerra. What a treat. Bear’s photographs fall somewhere between art and journalism, encompassing the best of each type of photography. There is a point to his photographs, a story, journalism, but I’d also like to put the best of them on my walls. That’s a not so common ability, producing images that have both of those qualities.

Our goal in working together was to produce a portfolio, a selection of his best images from about a dozen stories he has told in far reaches of the planet. I was left with a feeling that Bear cares deeply about what happens to this earth and its people. Every one of the stories made you feel for what was happening to both the land and its people.

I’ve talked often about making images that feel three-dimensional. Bear’s photographs are.

We also talked at length about how to move forward with his work, how to elevate the story telling and make ever more compelling images. It was a great exchange.

What a gift it is to be able to do this.

Here are two more of Bear's pictures:

Good on you, PDN

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