Photographs of the Unimportant

It's raining here in Portland - Oregon not Maine - which is like saying people breath. Rain just happens. It's a slow, more-than-mist, less-than-downpour kind of thing that will take all day to accumulate a half inch.

So I doubt that many people make pictures of the rain here. It's too quotidian. Yet, it is in the making of pictures of the daily doings of life that the most profound of images are created.

A lot of people think that the event makes the picture, that the exceptional, the new, the different create the meaning, immediacy and value in photographs. Most of the time what was new, different or exceptional yesterday is none of those today so the value of photographs that only capture the ephimera dissipates with the event, like smoke without fire.

Making pictures that rise above the event, crafting images that linger and engage beyond the moment, the day, the year is what we strive for.

There is a way to go beyond what you've done, to say more than what you've said. 

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