Another Point to Haiti

I can't help but fret that some of the planes lined up above the skies of Port-Au-Prince are carrying photographers who shouldn't be going there.

We do have an entitlement about us at times. Something that says: If it happens we should be there. That's true.

But the burden of our presence in the aggregate could be great in this case. Limited resources, chaos, a people in peril with scores of photographers swarming about. There has to be a limit.

A good friend, Jon Lowenstein, was telling me that he feels like he should be in Haiti making pictures. But in the end he decided it was not his place to be there. 

How do you decide to go? It's an automatic for publications and organizations with an international scope to their mission. But when the justification is because an organization from your town is among those giving aid or one or more of the people caught in the quake are from your town, then is the burden you place on the country worth the resulting coverage?

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