LDV Vision Summit experience

LDV Vision Summit was like being transported out of my comfortable and familiar visual world to ones that I scarcely knew existed. In retrospect, my mind before the Summit was like a balloon without air, now it is close to popping. And that’s a good thing.

I’ve been working in the visual storytelling realm for more than 30 years, mind you. So to have such a mind-blowing experience is both surprising and all the more enriching. My brow went from furrowed to raised as presenter after presenter inundated the room with deeper understanding of what for the most part are things that exist in their infancy or are still ideas.

Admittedly, several of the presentations went over my head, I could grasp only the broadest sense of what was being talked about, in particular from the only presenter who was older than me, talking about how artificial intelligence needs a new approach.

Then to further understand what venture capitalists respond to, how to better present ideas and concepts, learning about the affect of autonomous vehicles and more was like finding a new favorite icing on an already yummy cake.

Overall, I came away with a clearer understanding of how much more visually driven our economy is becoming. I’ve dealt with a non-visual working environment most of my professional life so to be enveloped with advanced, dynamic visual thinking that was new to me for two days will change all of my days going forward.

Thanks to good friend Evan Nisselson for creating the Summit through LDV Capital.

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