Toni Greaves talks at the Portland Art Museum

Toni Greaves talks to a lunchtime gathering at the Portland Art Museum. ©Mike Davis/2011Another photograper's work worth knowing about is that of Portland based Toni Greaves.

You may have seen Toni's Radical Love body of work, about a group of cloistered sisters at a New Jersey monastery. It's beautiful work. There's a wide essay about the sisters and a story about one novice as she becomes a nun.

I've had the pleasure of helping Toni edit the work a couple times as it progressed. She's a pleasure to work with and that Australian accent is a treat to hear. Toni was a talented designer for several years before turning full time to photography a few years ago. Her design eye clearly informs her photography.

Toni gave a talk this week at the Portland Art Museum as part of its lunchtime lecture series. It's always great to see her work but to get to hear her talk about it was all the better. Among the things she said I most appreciated is her commitment to telling uplifting stories, ones that bring a sense of hope and betterment.

Thank you, Toni, for making pictures.

What kind of picture taker are you?

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