POYi judging has begun and you can watch it

POYi judging has begun at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, and you can watch it here from where ever you are. You'll find a schedule of judging and a list of the judges here. Check the streaming schedule, they aren't broadcasting every minute of the judging.

I know most of the judges and they're a good group.

Judging started with the feature single category this morning. I popped in as they had narrowed the group of many hundreds to fewer than 30 images. Of that small group, I recognized seven images from the work of photographers I edited for contest entries. Congratulations to them. I can't say who they are because POYi does not name photographers until judging is over.

It's certainly a good thing I'm not judging, I would have had to recuse myself from final considerations for this cateogory.

Good luck to all who entered. It's looking like a good contest already.

Sharing some pictures I made for Mix magazine

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