Have you seen the light?

Light falling on objects you care about is a body of work that you can create for yourself. © Mike Davis/2004

There is some magic happening where you live. Well, more than one kind of magic is no doubt happening. The one I’m talking about is how light falls on the objects you care about.

Have you seen this light? It’s such a gift. It’s also easy to miss, to not see. Not seeing is not good for people who make pictures. Duh.

Let me suggest opening your eyes to the light around you. Be sensitive to how the light changes in your space throughout the day. Watch for those snippets of light that careen and caress your personal space. Strive to make pictures that hold those moments in time.

I keep a camera sitting somewhere in our living space just for these occasions.

Over the years, I’ve made a set of pictures that hold different times and spaces in place, to look back on and remember.

What a gift.

Can you make pictures that are art?

How do you avoid making a cliché?