Back from Geekfest

Geekfest was a blast and a record number of people attended. This was the group shot at the conclusion of talks Sunday.We got back from Florida last night. What a blast. Geekfest was Friday through Sunday in St. Petersburg and then we worked there Monday and lingered for a whole day on St. Pete Beach at a hotel called the Postcard Inn - which is a mirror image of The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, except it sits right on a beach instead of Burnside Avenue.

Geekfest drew the most energized group of folks I've been around in ages. Good speakers, good work, great social events, as good as it gets. (We did struggle to find good coffee - the highlight was getting a cup that said, "Home is where you can scratch where it itches".)

Saturday night, Melissa Lyttle gathered us at the St. Pete Shuffleboard courts. That made me want to start digging a trench in our backyard to pour our own court. I hadn't played the game since church camp.

And it was hot there. I'd forgotten what heat, and air conditioning, feel like.

Great fun. I'd highly recommend joining APAD and going to Geekfest 2011.

Nearly departed?

Great way to spend a Saturday