More good news from Luceo

Luceo Images continues to push the frontiers of approaches to the business of photography by today announcing a set of partnerships that expand the group's skill sets and allows them an even broader stroke in taking on new projects and meeting clients' needs.

I'm stepping up to the plate to help with picture editing and Deb Pang Davis will chime in with art direction for print and web. Brad Horn, audio producer, and David Wright, master printer, are also on the team.

Luceo photographers are David Walter Banks, Kendrick Brinson, Matt Eich, Kevin German, Daryl Peveto and Matt Slaby.

This is exciting.

Deb and I were supposed to travel to Virginia for Lookbetween this week but we're mired in selling our house and buying another so we can't leave Oregon right now. While there we were going to celebrate the new partnership with Luceo since all of them will be at the festival. Drat.

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