Assignment: Make a picture for your dad

This is my dad. This was one of the last times I saw him at his home, in 2005. There are layers to this picture that mean things - the screened porch where he loved to sit and watch birds, the grills that he'd burn through making Nebraska steaks, the yard he spent so much time tending and the proximity to the country. Bye Dad, hi Dad.I'm not much for artificial holidays but I am for celebrating the people who helped make us who and what we are.

Our fathers deserve our best, whether they did a good job of raising us or not. Mine did a good job, I think. And I miss him, a lot.

This isn't really an assignment. It's a suggestion to make a picture of your dad, if you can, to remember him as he is this year, this moment. Say something with the picture about how you feel about the man.

Embrace him and the moment with a picture. 

If you can't make a picture of him, how about making one of yourself or of something that connects the two of you or something that you care about and can share with him?

Telling him you love him wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Just a thought. This is not sponsored by Hallmark.

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