Assignment: Memory, Photos

Three people pulled the trigger on my memory assignment, so far, and I made a picture:

Greg Kendall-Ball sends this picture and says: "I saw your post about 'Memory' today at work. When I got home, I grabbed this yearbook off the shelf. It's from my sophomore year of college. A silver cover, with some campus landmarks and a cheesy tagline. Some things from your past will always be with you, for good or bad."

Susan Seubert sends this photo. © Susan SeubertJay Mather, from Sisters, Oregon, sends this photo and says: Today's post got me to thinking about an image I made in 1982 of an adult day care where most of the folks had some degree of dementia. I found the frame I recalled which until now has not seen the light of day. The group was returning from a shopping trip and as the women got off the van and went inside a home one woman paused in the driveway, lost in her own thoughts. © Jay MatherAnd this is one I made minutes after writing the post this morning. Funny how, when guided, the mind's eye sees things that would have gone unseen otherwise. © Mike Davis

Two Pictures: Thomas Patterson

Assignment: Memory