Sorry for not posting this past week. I've been editing other's photographs and making my own on assignment with little time aside. My desktop computer's hard drive fried and our car had a flat, on top of all else.

Lessons learned made the hard drive a fairly easy fix - a bootable backup allowed me to keep working from our laptop without data loss and Time Machine restored the replacement hard drive seamlessly. Portland being what it is, fixing the flat was fairly easy too: calls to or stops at AAA, Les Schwab tires and Rasmussen BMW put me back on the road in less than three hours.

On the editing front, Michael Rubenstein and I are back to editing his work into two portfolios. One for portraiture and one for reportage. I'm about seven hours into looking at four years of his work. All that's left is a conversation about the edit and sequences with Michael in Mumbai. Michael is writing about the process on his site.

Two more major edits with Susan Seubert and Robbie McClaran are on the books this week. They are going to be a blast to work with. I can't wait.

World Press judging is going on now, with results to be announced Friday. You can watch a slide show from the first week of judging here.

POYi judging starts Sunday, Feb. 14. You can listen to live judging of POYi again this year, thanks to Adobe. This year's judging panel includes several people I've judged or worked with in the past, including Scott Strazzante, Lynn Johnson, Pablo Corral Vega, Donna DeCesare and good friend Sonya Doctorian. Lynn, Sonya and I once judged the Michigan Press Photographers contest together, one of the best sessions I've ever had.

I hope to post sooner than a week from now... I hope you all have a fulfilling week.


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