Heads up on contest editing

Several people have already contacted me about helping them edit their year’s work for contests. And I’ve blocked out time for them in December, which is fast approaching.

There are slots left in my schedule but if you’re thinking about tapping me on the shoulder to help you decide what to enter, I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later. That will allow us to block out some time and we can also talk now about gathering your work and being ready when the time comes to edit.

It’s a great process to go through, this editing for contests. Getting a sense of your year is important. Using this year to move forward into the next year’s work is equally important.

If we work together on your contest entry, I’ll also give you my two cents on what I think the level of your work is and thoughts on how to move forward. And other stuff.

Over the years I've helped photographers who have won with portfolios, community awareness bodies of work, stories and individual pictures in the major contests. It's a knack entering contests.

And it’s always a pleasure.

How do you keep your eye fresh?

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