Must see photographs from Haiti

Jan Grarup is in Haiti for Noor. His photographs go beyond portrayal of what’s happening. Each is infused with a feeling of the given settings. His photographs make you feel what it’s like to be there.

What’s different in his pictures? A critical difference is how far back in the frame the photograph is relevant. In Jan’s photographs, infinity is as interesting as the closest part of the image. That’s just one aspect. He is so good at combining moment, composition, distance from the subject, light and color to make powerful statements about a subject.

Speaking of Noor, Jon Lowenstein did decide to go to Haiti. When we talked earlier this week, he wasn’t going. But most of our conversation was about the validity of going only if there was a story to tell that carries beyond the point of crisis. My guess is that Jon determined that he could tell a story there, one that will take months to gather, not days. That’s what he does, so well.

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